Chip Moxley

Chip Moxley, Past Board Chair

Velocity Lee’s Summit board member Chip Moxley is no stranger to taking risks.

Chip owns Tingle Flooring, a nearly 75-year-old flooring distribution company.

A CPA by trade, Chip entered the family business – Tingle Flooring – in 1989 and by the 1990s, he was purchasing majority shares of the Tingle from his father and other employees. As big-box retailers began to work their way into the flooring business, Chip had a choice – allow the company to be acquired or vastly expand his services.

He chose the latter. And that massive risk has paid dividends for Tingle.

Chip began a series of acquisitions from St. Louis to Denver in order to gain distribution rights of those areas. With the business expanding, there was a need for a modern distribution facility within reach of an available workforce. In 1999 Chip moved Tingle to Lee’s Summit in order to better attract and retain a much larger workforce to accommodate Tingle’s quadrupling in size over a short period of time.

Chip serves on the VLS Board of Directors, is the incoming chairman of the board for the Lee’s Summit Economic Development Council and is active in the Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation and the Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce.